bizBox platform offers a wide range of services and solutions for the paperless business between the partners.

It arranges a range of functions for the interchange of all types of documents and eArchive as well as the additional solutions providing the users digitalisation and automation of the business processes for simplified operation with various partners (State, buyers and suppliers).

bizBox is the integrated and central site of eBusiness in more than 30 business solutions (ERP, DMS, …), offering easy and flexible user experience.
 Services such as the issue and acceptance of eInvoice, electronic archive, modules for the external trade and product eCatalog provide savings in time and costs and the competitive advantage of the company is increased. 




This is a safe electronic mailbox supported by the technology of long-term documentation archiving with the connector to the eInterchange. It provides small-size users formal acceptance and review/inspection of the electronic eDocuments via Web and transmission, free of local solutions and purchase costs. Safety and the traceability of documents and the processes of documents interchange are provided.


The first eInvoice delivered to the Public Payments Administration of the Republic of Slovenia network had been transmitted through the bizBox service of eInterchange.

 bizBox services offer you everything the enterprise needs for paperless operating activities with eInvoices.  Automated formal issue, signing, archives and delivery are applied by a large number of the Slovenian companies (the enterprises already carrying out electronic business are listed in bizBox eDirectory). The enterprise is in the position to interchange eInvoices with the partners in the Public Administration and the business sector through ZZInet network. 

Switching to the electronic business with invoices leads to savings in time, the costs of invoices processing are lowered by 65% and the traceability in the overall process is provided from the issue to the payment of eInvoice, including eReturn Receipt and eRejections.

The companies and authorised persons (for example External Accounting Department) have access to the bizBox services from any place and 24/7 service is available.bizBox may already be integrated in the company’s ERP system (bizBox partners). If the supplier of ERP system is not on the list of the bizBox partners, nevertheless we are able to provide automated interchange of eInvoices and other eDocuments from the company’s ERP systems through ZZInet client. 

Small eInvoices issuers may without additional investments in the software transmit and accept eDoucuments throughthe  bizBox portal – the first step shall be registration for obtaining eMailbox for the acceptance/receipt of electronic documents free of charge. 

eInvoices in xml eSlog format is designed in free of charge bizBox MS excel tool and is favoured by small-size enterprises. 
For the verification of format accuracy xml structure of eInvoices to be exported from ERP system and fulfilment of all required data for the transmission of eInvoices to the partner, the document in xml form can be easily loaded in the tool Visualisation of invoice eStyle and visualisation review. If the structure is not accurate then the notification shall be displayed informing you that the visualisation can not be performed.


eLogistic Labels

Logistics key element is precise labelling as one of the relevant factors for the preparation of goods for transport. Standardised labelling avails easier identification and tracking and tracing of goods that is subject of the logistic process.

bizBox solution eLabels is designed for the standard labelling of the logistics units within a separate supply chain. The content and form of printed label satisfies all the requirements of wholesalers Spar, Tuš, Lidl and others. GS1 granted us conformity verification for the logistic label. The logistic labels can be printed by any printer on any self-adhesive labels of various and different dimensions.

Solution of the online printing of logistic labels is available to the suppliers and business partners for whom we provide log-in and printing of labels without any investments in the additional software or technical equipment.

Solution of the online printing of logistic labels provides for the design of SSCC code, design and printing of logistic labels, storage and editing of the existing labels.

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