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For the digitalisation of operating activities and linking with the partners it is important to select reliable partner with the innovative solutions. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) requires the customization to new guidelines of all industries.

The enterprise ZZI is assisting in the opening of new digital paths to the partners and in the smart automation of processes in the logistics, the procurement chains and in the procedures with the state.

ZZI d.o.o.

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Director: Jelena Milojković
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The enterprise ZZI is certified company for the quality management (ISO 9001:2008) and for the protection of information (ISO/IEC 27001:2013). Our service and application solution of the electronic documents archive ( are certified wit the National Archives.

Certificate ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Management System

In order to provide adequate qualities of our processes the certificate ISO 9001 was obtained in the year 2004. This certificate reflects our capability that quality of our products and services is in conformity with the expectations and needs of our customers in the field of development and use of the information communication technology. We in ZZI are aware that our success depends on the relationship with the customers and partners and our goals can be achieved only if a sound basis for cooperation with the business partners is established. Our wish is to be comparable with the competitions and to be ahead of them in the significant details. Our motto is to offer the products and services in order to satisfy our customers. The interest of our customers is our primary engagement. Through the process of constant improvement of the quality system we strive to improve the customers satisfaction.

Certificate ISO 27001:2013 - IT Security Management System

We in the enterprise ZZI pay special attention in providing smooth functioning without interruption and by the risk management acceptable for interested clients. By obtaining ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 certificate we’re in the position to deploy appropriate Information Safety Risk Management System (SUIV). This system maintains the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information by applying the process of the risk management. The deployment of quality management system on one side and on the other one SUIV deployment are the strategic decisions adopted by the enterprise ZZI and cover the highest standards as to secure the information safety, confidentiality and integrity of the customers’ data, define the requirements of internal and external interested clients that are significant for the information protection, including the statutory and contractual obligations. The obligation of the enterprise ZZI is to set-up, implement, manage, monitor, review and maintain the Information Safety Risk Management System (SUIV) and with it support to the constant improvement of the protection of information within the company itself.

Certified Services and Software (

The business documentation is one of the most valuable company’s assets, therefore the documents must be archived in appropriate manner during their life cycle. The Protection of Documents and Archives and Archival Institutions Act (ZVDAGA) jointly with the Unified Technological Requirements (UTR) define the requirements and conditions for archiving the document and archives regardless to their form (paper or electronic document, databases, Web contents, e-mail, etc). The enterprise ZZI is the provider of safe, credible and statutory harmonised service of capture and documentation archive in the electronic form ( certified with the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia. For these purposes we in the enterprise ZZI have also developed our own application solution with the support to the overall documents management procedure in the electronic form and has been since the year 2011 onwards certified with the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia.

A socially responsible employer

Recently, ZZI was delighted to receive the Socially Responsible Employer certificate.By obtaining the Socially Responsible Employer certificate, we have confirmed our daily efforts for an excellent working environment, the well-being of our employees, and the environment in which we operate. The certificate confirms that we have well-regulated areas of organizational management, reconciliation of private and professional life, intergenerational cooperation and occupational safety and health. With the certification, we also received formal confirmation of the values we cultivate in the company. We want the environment in which we operate and our future employees to recognize ZZI as a socially responsible company and a socially responsible employer.


bizBox partners

ZZI provides solutions and services to support eBusiness within solutions of bizBox partners.

Technical Partners

The enterprise ZZI has been for many years established service provider in the field of the consultancy, development, management and maintenance of the business information systems for the implementation of the overall electronic business. According to the order we develop components and deployment of the systems and environments for the electronic business by applying IBM, Oracle and Microsoft business technologies for which we’re certified. We’re known to achieve the highest partners levels.

Other Partnership and Membership

The enterprise ZZI is a part of the group developing the Slovenian standards and actively striving for Slovenia to be the reference state in the EU for the digitalisation of industry and state. 


Paperless Business in Safe Environment

In the overall enterprise history we’re able to ensure continual and manageable volume growth and the business efficiency in the field of successfully completed projects, as well as knowledge and the extension of areas of actions. Our primary aim is the quality of our products and services in accordance with the expectations of our customers. By entering into the business relationship the needs and wishes of our customers are the main engagement for our experts to seek the optimum solutions that have to be qualitative, useful and simple. That is where our multi-annual experiences are shown.

Our offers always cover those products and services being the result of our knowledge and experience. The customer’s interest is the primary objet for us.

We’re present in the numerous organizations of the public administration and economy with our solutions in the field of information technology. We’re cooperating with the clients in all phases of the design, implementation and maintenance of the information solutions. Our business partners are a number of the public administration authorities and companies.

Cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia and the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia facilitated the solutions and the service users of such bodies are provided with the advanced integration of the business processes and effective electronic business. We’re also  and marketing the computer solutions for the participants in the external trade operating activities, these computer solutions are effectively applied by more than one hundred of the Slovenian companies. 

The solutions are up-to-date designed and based on the electronic business and the integration of the business processes between the organizations. We in the enterprise ZZI develop and offer the electronic business services, enabling the users the advanced, safe and the overall electronic business with the public administration organizations, the electronic business with the companies and the integration of business processes, technological environments and solutions. 

Valuable experience s and knowledge obtained in the development of the high-level systems of the large companies in the different development environments are one of the significant factors for the enterprise ZZI. We have a good knowledge of the heterogeneous technological environments that have been effectively integrated by us. These experiences for the users act as the guarantee that their invested funds will be repaid with a high value.

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