eInterchange with Partners

eInterchange with Partners


With the knowledge and experiences obtained during the enterprise’s overall business activities we’re developing and currently upgrading the solutions and services for digital linking of companies with the partners. We provide the users various options of eInterchange with the user’s business system and environment, as well as the automation of eBusiness.

With bizBox/ ZZInet network we’re in the position to provide the transmission of standardised documents through the protected electronic paths and integration of systems of different partners. In this way we primarily support the processes, standards, connection points, integration in ERP, DMS and/or special solutions in cloud defined by the partners themselves in eInterchange.

Leased lines are demonstrated with linking to other networks in Slovenia and abroad (Banks, GXS, x.400,, Public Administration, Customs Administrations …).

With the advanced bizBox platform we’re offering a wide range of services and solutions for the paperless business between the partners. bizBox groups a set of functions for the interchange of all types of documents and eArhive, as well as the additional solutions enabling the users digitalization and automation of the business processes for the simplified operating activities with the various partners (state, buyers and suppliers).

bizBox is the integration and central point of eBusines in more than 30 business solutions (ERP, DMS, …), providing for the simple and flexible user’s involvement. With the services such as the issue and acceptance of eInvoices, the electronic documents interchange, the electronic archive, the modules for external trade and product eCatalog it is possible to save in time and money.



ZZI provides the customs systems modules:

ZZI develops and offers a wide range of functions and module for the business activities of the Customs Administrations and related bodies in the area of external trade for the states with the EU and the states outside the EU:

    o    AIS and AES (Import and export automated system)
    o    ICS and ECS (Import and export control system)
    o    Simplified procedures and paperless business with partners  
    o    NCST (EU transit system)
    o    EMCS (Excise goods movements)
    o    Taric (EU unified tariff), EORI, AEO, …..
    o    CCN gateway and the national eBusiness with agents
    o    National excise system (management of those under obligation and excise eReporting)

For the Customs Administrations outside the EU

    o    Import and export
    o    Transit
    o    Paperless business (EDI and WEB)
    o    Duties calculation
    o    Tariff – table codes
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