eBusiness support

Platforme in rešitve ZZI zagotavljajo celovitost ePoslovanja med partnerji v preskrbovalnih verigah, državo in drugimi deležniki.

eBusiness Support

Our focus is the simplicity and easy access to the paperless business either for small- size or for large- size companies. With a constant development of the supporting functions we’re in the position to upgrade and improve the use of services and solutions in the business processes between the companies and eInterchange on the whole.

We can offer the companies eBusiness support in the field of external trade solutions (overall control /  monitoring, management and paperless performance of all types of the customs procedures and import-export processes for the companies and forwarders), in the processes of preparation and issue of eInvoices on one side and on the other one the digitalisation of processes of orders and items/products is provided with simple solutions being deployed in bixBox range. 

With the bizBoxa integration into the partners solutions we’ve accomplished that eBusiness of the enterprise is easy and does not change the current processes in the company. 

With the services of eArchive the overall process of paperless business is completed, enabling safe, reliable and certified electronic archive of the documentation in one place, resulting from the company’s process of operating activities. The original documents produced in the electronic form are archived in the system, as well as the documents produced in paper form and were digitalized later on. The material is safely archived at the level of hardware and software, the advanced technologies are built in the system providing the authorised persons access to archived archives. The documents are available 24/7 through the desk application, the partners’ solutions or through the friendly Web interface for the user through bizBox..

The electronic archive of documents is customised to the business and type of the individual organization. With the services such as the issue and acceptance of eInvoices, the electronic documents interchange, the electronic archive, the modules for external trade and product eCatalog enable savings in time and money.  ZZInet · ZZI solutions for external trade · bizBox · eInvoices eArchive.

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