ZZInet/bizBox Network of EDI e-Exchange  

Our knowledge and experiences obtained throughout the entire operating activities of the enterprise ZZI enable us to develop and constantly upgrade the services for digital linking of companies with their partners.  ZZInet/bizBox network connects over 10.000 connectors/companies for the electronic interchange and implementation of formal EDI procedures between the companies. 

The main functions of ZZInet/bizBox network are as follows:
    Standardised open connectors and interfaces for the access to network,
    Safety of messages, contents and network and 24/7 operation availability, 
    Smart and automated routing of interchanges between the partners,
    Audit trails and the operation traceability, 
    Compliance with law and rules,
    Standards support (EDI, GS1, CEN, …),
    Interoperability with other networks (Banks, GXS, x.400,, Public Administration, …).

Our wish is to approximate eInterchange to small business by simple and transparent Web interfaces as pricing models. Easy interoperability of the autonomous systems, partners, locations and solutions are provided with the messages interchange.


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