Upon deployment of eInvoicing in the public administration we with our partners were the pioneers in this field of operating activity – the first eInvoicing transmitted into the environment of UJP (the Public Payments Administration of the Republic of Slovenia) was sent through bizBox eInterchange service.  

Presently about 80.000 invoices per month are transmitted via bizBox to the UJP (the Public Payments Administration of the Republic of Slovenia) and we’re listed on the first place among more than 40 providers of the electronic path.

Our focus is the simplicity and easy access to the paperless business either for small- size or for large- size companies. With a constant development of the supporting functions we’re in the position to upgrade and improve eInvoicies in the business processes between the companies and eInterchange on the whole.

We, as the enterprise are part of the National forum on eInvoicies encouraging eInvoicies interchange, and development of the Slovenian standards and on the other side we’re actively engaged in the activities promoting Slovenia to be the reference state in the EU for the digitalisation of industry and state.


bizBox services offer you an entire service for the paperless business with eInvoices. Automated formal issue, signing, archive and delivery are applied by over thousand of the Slovenian companies. eInvoices can be via ZZInet transmitted to UJP (the Public Payments Administration of the Republic of Slovenia), to the banks and other interconnected networks, you can interchange the invoices with the other budget users or with the other business partners. 

Transition to the electronic business with invoices enables you to save in time, the costs of invoice processing are lowered by 65% and the traceability in the overall process from the issue to the payment is feasible. 

Information and functions of eBusiness with the partners are available to you and any other authorised person (for example external accounting department) 24/7, regardless to your location.

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