Paperless Business in Safe Environment

In the overall enterprise history we’re able to ensure continual and manageable volume growth and the business efficiency in the field of successfully completed projects, as well as knowledge and the extension of areas of actions. Our primary aim is the quality of our products and services in accordance with the expectations of our customers. By entering into the business relationship the needs and wishes of our customers are the main engagement for our experts to seek the optimum solutions that have to be qualitative, useful and simple. That is where our multi-annual experiences are shown.

Our offers always cover those products and services being the result of our knowledge and experience. The customer’s interest is the primary objet for us.

We’re present in the numerous organizations of the public administration and economy with our solutions in the field of information technology. We’re cooperating with the clients in all phases of the design, implementation and maintenance of the information solutions. Our business partners are a number of the public administration authorities and companies.

Cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia and the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia facilitated the solutions and the service users of such bodies are provided with the advanced integration of the business processes and effective electronic business. We’re also  and marketing the computer solutions for the participants in the external trade operating activities, these computer solutions are effectively applied by more than one hundred of the Slovenian companies. 

The solutions are up-to-date designed and based on the electronic business and the integration of the business processes between the organizations. We in the enterprise ZZI develop and offer the electronic business services, enabling the users the advanced, safe and the overall electronic business with the public administration organizations, the electronic business with the companies and the integration of business processes, technological environments and solutions. 

Valuable experience s and knowledge obtained in the development of the high-level systems of the large companies in the different development environments are one of the significant factors for the enterprise ZZI. We have a good knowledge of the heterogeneous technological environments that have been effectively integrated by us. These experiences for the users act as the guarantee that their invested funds will be repaid with a high value.

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