Paperless business environment

The bizBox cloud platform combines the services of paperless electronic operations in and between companies, offering a wide range of tools and technologies.

The bizBox platform boasts quality, compliance and openness of the system.

bizBox eCustoms

The bizBox eCustoms platform combines digital solutions for external trade and customs procedures as well as reporting for companies and their representatives under the EU and global standards.

The Largest Slovenian Network of e-Exchange

65 of the most effective business solutions in Slovenia already include bizBox services that provides formal electronic exchange for more than 25.000 companies.

The is electronic archiving service is an excellent solution for all those seeking safe storage for their business documents. The is a certified legally compliant repository of e-documents that provides a centralised and credible electronic archive of all your contents in electronic form.

bizBox Compensation

The digital bizBox factoring compensation solution enables the execution of chain and reciprocal compensations between companies, digital operative execution of the process and the automation of compensations, both for small and large enterprises.

It provides overall compliance with the law and all functions required for partner cooperation in compensation processes

Foreign Trade

Solutions for the digitization of foreign trade and customs procedures for large and small companies.

Advanced platform for paperless operations and eInterchange with all business partners in the cloud.

Electronic archive 

Shorten processes, free up space and lower costs with electronic documents storage. Our soulution is accredited, secure, open and standardized service for long-term storage and document management.

Network of eInterchange

Our network offers a range of services and features that provide secure and reliable exchange of documents. Users can trace documents and manage the process of the exchange. Everything secure and online.

With the network ZZInet the electronic transmission of documents in the standardised form via the digital paths is provided as well as the connectivity of systems of various partners (state authorities, buyers, suppliers…).

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