20. 07. 2023

ZZI (bizBox) - Leading provider of eInvoice services in Slovenia

ZZI (bizBox) has been recognized by the European Commission as a key stakeholder in the successful implementation of eInvoices in Slovenia.

Within our bizBox ecosystem, we have integrated more than 55 partner solutions that allow end-users to become part of a broader ecosystem for exchanging eInvoices with all network participants, at no additional cost. This enables seamless interaction between networks of different service providers with the highest possible level of automation. As a result, users do not need to use additional software solutions for sending and receiving eInvoices and other electronic business documents.

We take pride in being acknowledged by the European Commission as the central provider of eInvoice services in Slovenia, serving both public institutions and private companies.

We look forward to the upcoming legislation on mandatory eInvoices in the B2B segment, as it will bring Slovenia one step closer to digitalization.

Together, we are building a digital future that enables our customers to operate more efficiently and utilize advanced solutions.

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