14. 01. 2019

bizBox network is one of the two main eInvoicing solution providers in Slovenia

eInvoicing platform and eInvoicing management solutions

In Slovenia, it is mandatory that eInvoices in B2G and G2G are sent through the PPA eInvoicing system. eInvoices can be transmited by economic operators through different channels (webservices, webportal, etc.) and by using different market solutions.

The vast majority of eInvoices in Slovenia are exchanged via eInvoicing networks providers. bizBox network provided by ZZI and Bankart Banks Network are the main eInvoicing solution providers used by public entities and economic operators in Slovenia.

Major Slovenian providers of enterprise software solutions (ERP solutions, accounting solutions...) have their own software solutions integrated with the eInvoicing network providers, thus enabling their users without further investments to engage in a broader ecosystem where exchange between all participating partners in the network and between different networks is possible with the highest possible degree of automation. This way, users are not required to use additional software solutions for sending and receiving eInvoices and other business documents.

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