This is safe certified platform for longstanding documents archive enabling different documents and other systems to perform miscellaneous digital processes in the company.  The software and service are certified by the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia. The authenticity and integrity of archived material are assured with the digital certificates and time stamping of documents. Lodged documents are automatically placed in classification and you may carry on this process manually. You can approve the documents or change their statuses. The approval of documents covers all activities required for the assurance of audit trail, authenticity and integrity of the documents.


eArchive for Digital Business

This is the service of electronic archive of documents based on the information system for archiving either business documents or other documents in one place. The system may archive documents originally produced in the electronic form as documents produced on paper and are digitalised later on.

eArchive service shall include:

  • Documents entry and archive,
  • Material authenticity and integrity for a full time of archive,
  • Electronic archive of material on three geographically  separated locations,
  • Audit trail providing the traceability of the users activities in line of material management,
  • Time stamping upon lodging the document in archive,
  • Classification and identification code,
  • Documents life cycle management,
  • Documents versions management,
  • Advance search for destruction (on commission) and option for eDocuments acceptance.

All documents are autonomously managed and lodged currently via the safe paths. The versions systems, types, documents and metadata are automated, all lodged documents are time stamped, managed by life cycle and the special system of authorisations and responsibility. Also, authorised access from any locations is feasible. 

 eArchive of Electronic Exchanged Documents

This is the additional service linked to bizBox eInterchange and covers automated lodging of only electronic interchanged documents. The automation of capture and archive is optimised for the standardised eDocuments (there is no manual lodging). Longstanding archive of interchanged eDocuments is customised to simplified deployment, automated logging and quick search of archived eDocuments.

Capture of the interchanged documents (return receipts, orders, …) shall be automated, the classification code is customised to the types of interchanged documents. Deployment is prompt and there is no request for the customization by the user.

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