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02. 06. 2016

Customs Administration – Customs Information System

Customs and tax administrations are the authorities carrying out the customs and tax policy of the state, monitor the movements of goods and payment of duties and perform the control in relation to the movements of goods, implementation of procedures and payment of duties. 

As the overall control is carried out in a real time the advanced customs systems operate process-connected with the companies’ systems through the messages interchanges, almost fully automated.

ZZI is offering the development, maintenance and upgrading modular but centralised customs and excise information systems. 

  • Financial Administration of the Slovenia, Customs Administration – CIS (Slovenia) 
  • Customs Administration of Montenegro – CIS)
ZZI provides the customs systems modules::
  • ZZI develops and offers a wide range of functions and module for the business activities of the Customs Administrations and related bodies in the area of external trade for the states with the EU and the states outside the EU:
    • AIS in AES (Import and export automated system)
    • ICS in ECS (Import and export control system)
    • Simplified procedures and paperless business with partners   
    • NCST (EU transit system)
    • EMCS (Excise goods movements)
    • Taric (EU unified tariff), EORI, AEO, …..
    • CCN gateway iand the national eBusiness with agents 
    • National excise system (management of those under obligation and excise eReporting)
  • For the Customs Administrations outside the EU
    • Import and export
    • Transit
    • Paperless business (EDI in WEB) 
    • Duties calculation
    • Tariff 

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