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06. 10. 2016

eArchive – Electronic Documents Archive - (Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia)

The Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia is the public fund with its operating activities in the complete territory of the Republic of Slovenia and in accordance with its business policy the Fund is financing and promoting the house building, renovation and maintenance of housing and building facilities.

The enterprise ZZI has carried out the turnkey project related to the deployment of eArchive within the framework of the electronic documents archive deployment in the Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia, covering the overall support from the beginning of activity to transition to the production and the beginning of applying the services of ( 

In line of the deployment eArchive there was no need to purchase expensive hardware as ( itself does not change any work procedures and the users’ interfaces, only their upgrading is preformed. Deployment of ( solution was conducted project-based.

In conformity with the requirements of the Protection of Documents and Archives and Archival Institutions Act consultancy and support to all processes were provided, specially the support to the processes required for the successful deployment of ( services:

  • Recommendations in the preparation of internal rules.
  • Assistance and consultancy in the preparation of classification and identification code.
  • Support in the metadata defining and preparation.
  • Provision of the mass capture of paper (by scanning) and electronic documents.
  • Preparation and import of documents to eArchive.
  • Application customization with the option for the review traceability.
  • Formal application testing.
  • Users education and training provision.
  • Cooperation in the transition to production and support. 

The enterprise ZZI provided the Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia (SSRS) deployment of the electronic data archive and in that way the replacement of classical documentation archive with the electronic one was feasible.  Also this service enables them to save on space, time and costs. The advanced search system is available to the Fund for their access to the documents archive. The access time to the required documentation is negligible comparing it with the traditional paper archive.

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