The enterprise ZZI is actively engaged in customizing its solutions to the needs of individual industries and solves many problems of the users at all levels with the platforms for digital linking of the partners, their locations, persons and devices. 
03. 10. 2016


bizBox  is offering integration and central site of eBusiness in more than 40 business solutions (ERP, DMS, ….) and if the need arises it also provides online or mobile simple and flexible user’s experience. The interfaces enable the users’ management and performance of eBusiness – fast setting of processes according to the company’s business activity. Services such as the issue and acceptance of eInvoices, electronic documents interchange, electronic archive, modules for the external trade and product eCatalog will provide savings in time and money. 



  • More than 10.000 companies and organizations are connected through bizBox
  • bizBox services and solutions are integrated in more than 30 business solutions (ERP, DMS…),
  • More than 10.000.000 documents are interchanged through bizbox per year. 

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