The enterprise ZZI is actively engaged in customizing its solutions to the needs of individual industries and solves many problems of the users at all levels with the platforms for digital linking of the partners, their locations, persons and devices. 
03. 10. 2016


The enterprise ZZI facilitates support to the processes, standards, connection points, integration in ERP, DMS and specific solutions in cloud being defined by the partners under eInterchange.. ZZInet eInterchange network is obtainable and constantly striving to the integration with different other networks in Slovenia and abroad (Banks, GXS, x.400, Panteon, Public Administration,…).The standardised open connectors and access to the network, messages and contents safety, smart and automated routing of interchange between the partners, traceability of the business activities, statutory conformity and different standards support (EDI, GS1, CEN, …) are provided. eInterchange may approximated to small-size companies through the user’s  simple and transparent Web interface.


Other references:  
  • Impol (Slovenia) – Production (from 2014) - integrated EDI eInterchange with foreign partners,
  • Mercator (Slovenia) – Distributive traders (from 2015) – eInvoices distribution ,
  • Elektromaterial Lendava (Slovenia) – Production (from 2009) – integrated EDI eInterchange with domestic and foreign partners, 
  • Pongrad (Slovenija) – Building industry  (from 2015) –eInvoices eInterchange with partners, 
  • Pantheon Group – Omrežje from 2007) – EDI networks interconnection and indirect partners, 
  • Luka Koper (Slovenija) - Logistics  (from 2014) – eInvoices and interchange of other information with partners ,
  • AdriaKombi (Slovenija) – Logistics – information eInterchange and automation with partners, 
  • NAPA  (EU) - from 2014 electronic data linking between the North Adriatic Ports.

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