26. 10. 2017

ROSE Action soon to offer new tools for receipt of eInvoices for public service providers

After the introductory activities in the field of informing and educating of the key stakeholders involved in the exchange of eInvoices, "Readiness Of Slovenian E-Invoicing” (ROSE) Action is getting the new Slovenian standard for eInvoices and exchange hub for eInvoices sent in the EU standard ready.   

New Slovenian standard for eInvoices will be prepared only a month after announcement of the EN 16931 in the Official Journal of the EU

The European Commission announced the European standard EN 16931 with an executive  decision on 16 October 2017. While the standard eSlog 1.6 is currently in use in Slovenia, ROSE Action will upgrade it  in accordance with the recently announced European standard to the new version eSlog 2.0. In order to do so, ROSE Action is concluding the preparation of the XML scheme of the new standard and mapping tables between the two standards (1.6 and 2.0), mapping tables for eSlog 2.0 and two eInvoicing syntaxes compliant with the European standard EN 16931. eSLOG 2.0 documentation will be prepared in Slovenian and English language for software solution and services providers to enable integration of the new eSLOG 2.0 standard into their solutions.


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