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06. 02. 2017

Technology consolidation site of the National Assembly Slovenia

The aim of the project was to provide connectivity and access to online content directly from all back-office systems and procedures in the National Assembly. It is ensured uniform Full text search rules, procedures and laws. For communication within and outside the National Assembly it was sought reliable interoperability platform in combination with a web content management system, communication, multilingualism, ...

Accessibility was one of the development requirements, the required objectives of democratization and the introduction of electronic services for all.

Web site of the National Assembly is available at URL:
The solution offers:
• Single window for all
• Integrated search through content and documentation
• Multilevel decreasing navigation menus

Additional phases, completed by ZZI:
• Ensure your source of data (all content)
• Development of user interface (more than 50 Servlets)
• Quality Assurance activities (more than 50 databases and more than 200 forms)
• allows quality assurance activities ( "failover", 24/7)
• Search all the content of the document and the contents of a file ( "fuzzy" search).

Environment and technology used for the consolidation of the web portal of the National Assembly:

• IBM WebSphere Portal v7.0.0.1, WebSphere Application Server v7.0.0.15, the IBM DB2 9.7 ESE fixpack 4 OmniFind v9.1., IBM HTTP Proxy 7.0

• DB2, J2EE, JavaScript, JQuery, WCM - Web Content Management Engine, the IBM Portal search engine, for OmniFind Java API, Java API for Lotus Notes, ...

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